October, 2012
TEISAKU CORPORATION celebrate the 80 years anniversary.
Message from Tatsuo Ito, President

TEISAKU CORPORATION will celebrate the 80 years anniversary on October 8, 2012.
We could have this day due to the support and guidance from our customers and suppliers, and also at most efforts of predecessors.
Mr. Kintaro Ito, our founder, has established this company in Nagoya in 1932 under the name of TEIKOKU SAKUGANKI SEISAKUSHO (IMPERIAL ROCK DRILL CO.)−changed to TEISAKU CORPORATION in 1986−and has started the production of rock drill.
Late Kintaro Ito, our founder, said “the machine can sell machines and the most important thing is to manufacture the machines required by and satisfied with the customers.”
Under this saying, we have been manufacturing the rock drill and relative equipment and proceeding R&D.
Under our target “to supply the products and services satisfactory to the customers, we would seek towards to wealthy tomorrow.
Taking this opportunity, all our staff would strive for better quality. We expect further patronage and support from everyone.


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